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About Us

Operating since 1908, Lane Ranch and Co. has been the leading Hollywood Ranch supplier of motion picture livestock and authentic wagons and props for the entertainment industry since 1976.

Based in Lancaster, California, Lane Ranch and Co. provides authentic equipment and highly trained livestock to the motion picture industrky.  This also includes two different models of mechanical bull, sleighs, stagecoaches, windmills, and a collection of over 150 wagons.  The ranch can supply driving teams of horses, mules, and draft horses from a single animal to a team of 10-up.  We can supply oxen teams if needed to companies seeking the highest quality livestock and hard-to-find original authentic equipment.

Entertainment Industry Livestock

With a variety of trained cattle, dogs, horses, mules, oxen and other farm and ranch animals, Lane Ranch and Co. has the right single animal or working team your motion picture, commercial, music video, or magazine print needs. Below are some of the animals Lane Ranch & Co can provide:

  • LIBERTY Trained Horses
  • Driving Horses from a 2-up through a 10-up hitch
  • Draft Horses
  • CATTLE - gentle
  • Specialty cattle (Texas Longhorns, dairy, calves)
  • Bulls raised from calves of different sizes and colors
  • Mules and burros (can work independently or as a teams),
  • Oxen with or without carts (can work independently or as a matched pair),
  • Various farm animals including dogs, goats, wooly sheep, and hand raised chickens including roosters

Motion Picture Props & Farm Supplies

Whether needing motion picture supplies to work in conjunction with livestock or to use as PROPS, Lane Ranch and Co. has a diverse selection of AUTHENTIC mechanical and animal-driven vehicles. Offering one of the largest private collections of stagecoaches, when needing authentic working wagons, tractors, Mexican carts, or any variety of authentic 1800s equipment and Hollywood ranch supplies make Lane Ranch and Co. your first choice to find the following items:

  • 1926 American La France,
  • 1925 Ford C Cab Delivery Truck
  • "Ben Hur" Chariot and harness for two horses
  • Sleighs of various sizes and seating capacities
  • Stagecoaches and wagons offering both open and covered styles with multiple seating and cargo capacities
  • Covered wagons of all sizes with and without covers and "chuck boxes" for the campout scenes.
  • Mechanical bulls appearing as a standard unit or those with realistic-looking head, hide and horns

Motion Picture Equipment & Props

In addition to quality livestock, Lane Ranch and Co. is the premier provider of motion picture equipment and props. These fully-restored and authentic farm and ranch props are ready to stand in a movie’s background or take center stage. Depending on need, some of Lane Ranch’s available choices include:

  • Loading chutes & Round Corral in the Hills
  • Farm Tractors - 1950s style and modern
  • Old water tanks, and wood water troughs
  • Silver studded Parade Saddle and rustic-looking saddles, calvary saddles and bridles & harness
  • Standard and full-sized windmills
  • Wagon parts and complete vehicles