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Horses are popular animals used in the entertainment industry. We have a selection of docile and well-trained horses that can be used for your next film or art project.

Lane Ranch & Co. is home to various breeds of horses, including the popular Quarter Horse and Draft Horse.

These breeds are well-rounded and can fulfill a variety of roles in any project.

For more information on using a horse for a film or video shoot, call us at (661) 942-0435.

Gentle Ponies

Our ponies are well behaved and have a very good attitude around children, adults, and other animals... Read More about Gentle Ponies [+]

Draft Horses

Lane Ranch & Co has beautiful Draft horses in solid black teams or other colors for driving hitches from a single to an 8-up hitch.  We can supply your production with what you need. Read More about Draft Horses [+]

Quarter Horses

The American Quarter Horse breed is one of the most versatile in the world. They are known for the short distance sprinting abilities in the quarter mile race. The Quarter Horse is popular racehorse, rodeo show h... Read More about Quarter Horses [+]