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Lane Ranch & Co is a working ranch since 1908 located within the film range of Southern California studios.  We are available for filming in New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and other sites.  We supply production companies with all their needs from Livestock, authentic wagons, stagecoaches, and equipment and props for any era.

Our Liberty trained horses and specialty trained cattle are accustomed to firing of guns, flapping flags, water, explosives, and all the items that happen on a movie set.  We also supply farm animals, burros, mules, and other animals that are customary on a ranch or farm.

We are members of SAG and Teamsters and can supply complete Wrangler Coordination of your next movie or project.



Lane Ranch has trained CATTLE and OXEN of many breeds and colors ranging from solid Black Angus cattle, black and white dairy cows, and big eyed Jerseys as well as Texas Longhorns  available for your film project. &nb... Read More about Cattle [+]

Mules & Burros

Our mules and burros are terrific to work with on any set whether you are shooting for print work or film. They are naturally hardy, patient animals and can work well in any role they play. Read More about Mules & Burros [+]

Farm Animals & Dogs

Lane Ranch & Co can supply the motion picture industry with white wooly sheep of all sizes, Suffolk Ram, Nubian goats, black goats, brown goats, multi-colored goats, milk goats, baby goats, Sheep that can be ridden with a... Read More about Farm Animals & Dogs [+]